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Specs and Applications of Hitch and Linch Pins Manufacturers

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According to pin manufacturers India, the two types of pins that are more commonly used are the hitch and linch pins. They offer a variety of uses that are important to the mechanical industry.

Hitch pins are various types of pins that are forms used for the temporary mounting, or even the conjoin mating of different components. On the other hand, linch pins are designed in a specific way to help retain a wheel or any other rotating device firmly on the axle.

However, linch pins can also be used as a fastener of components. The similarity between them lies in the fact that both of these pins cannot be used without mating holes and a specific type of lock. Without a hole and a lock these pins cannot the used. These pins are used heavily on vehicles and trailers.

These pins require a minimum of one predrilled hole that will serve as means to hold and retain various objects in their places. For applications that require coupling, the mating segments are first aligned with each other. Then they are tightly kept in place while being mated together.

Hitch pins also require a clotter pin. This pin is required to be inserted in a perpendicular fashion to keep the pin locked together in the desired position. Linch pins, however, contains intricate locking mechanisms for it to properly function.

These pins are devices that are created to increase resistance against extreme forces. This makes them completely different form bolts. These pins can even be used as sheer pins in situations involving mechanical overload.

Specs of Hitch and Linch Pins

A similar detail between these pins are the materials of their construction, barring a few methods of construction, of course. They are also almost always made of metals. Some of these metals are:

  • Steel, usually hardened and ground, is made to go through a treatment process that then compacts them in carbon atoms that in turn results in a strong, but brittle metal. It can get oxidized when exposed to certain environments.
  • Steel which is unhardened are usually malleable, and therefore less expensive. However, it cannot handle extreme levels of forces, as is very sensitive to corrosion.
  • Even though stainless tell is free form corrosion, strong as well as aesthetically pleasing, it is also terribly expensive.
  • With brass, strength is optimum. This metal also provides resistance to corrosion, conductivity, and a low, magnetic permeability. It’s usually not used for higher works.

Applications of Hitch and Linch Pins

As mentioned before, these find many uses in the mechanical industry, especially industries involved in vehicles and trailer vehicles productions.

They can be used in towable trailers, such as boat trailer and even in campers. They are also used in trailer jacks. Their durability helps them in finding a place in aircraft and sailboats.

Some of these pins can be found in exercise equipment as well. Because of the flexibility of these pins, one can use them quite easily in the assembling and disassembling scaffolds of all sorts.

For pin manufacturers India, this is a very profitable and satisfying business, provided the right type of material is used for the production of these pins for the ideal situation.

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